Friday, February 24, 2017


The Durian Hotel, structured at the center of the busy street of Davao City, was once a popular destination and a favorite place for tourists to nestle. It is a 12-storey building and its name was derived from the Davaowenyos iconic fruit; the durian. It has a complete and up-to-date facilities during its time, and could profoundly accomodate a lot of guests.  

By that time, Davao was starting to progressively elevate in its economic activities and is expecting plenty of tourists, both national and foreign, to have a traffic response in the city. Highlighting the most peak events in Davao; are the festivals like Kadayawan and the Araw ng Dabaw. 

Unexpectedly at the peak of the city's economic boom, Durian Hotel suddenly closed its doors for everyone up to this day. It is a very intriguing subject to think about as to why they abruptly released such decision. What we have in our knowing right now are just mere hearsays of what other people have shared. It is more of a "chismis" even now. Curiously, why is there no one would like to open it again inspite of its huge advantage and opportunity of the place?

Here are some of the CHISMIS reasons about the Durian Hotel

1. It is Haunted

In the video, it shows that the elevator is functioning by itself. It was observed that during night time, this keeps on happening. One strong reason might suggest, that this kind of unexplainable matters led to the business own demise. 

2. The bank sold it because it was simply a business bankruptcy

This particular reason is obvious and common to businesses. What we wanted to know is the "why". What really drives the business to go down? And just wondering who bought the building, why not make it operational this time? We haven't really heard of a plan about the place.

3.  The cliche reasons; the owner is a gambler, the owner is an addict, and evasion to pay debts/government bills which led to compunding interest.

Well, we are not really given an official answer to this mystery to give light in our questions. But maybe, anytime soon we will hear of the Durian Hotel once again.