Friday, March 31, 2017


The long awaited project of Davao City is now rendering its service to Dabawenyos. The Mass Railway Transit (MRT) is having its route underground. It will only be visible outside at the center of the city along the JP Laurel Ave. 

The railway spans throughout the metro underground and will be having its stop over at distinct spots where most traffic are being caused. 

This project has been established in full discretion that most of us are unaware of. As ordered by the president, the operation must be done in secret that even the locals will not even notice.

Just this morning, April 1 2017, there was an announcement held at the Quezon Park about the grand launching of MRT Davao. Most of the people there where in shock. 

This has been a great move in Davao City to ease the traffic as it has been reported to have a problem on that issue. 

Furthermore, the railway is still in progress to connect every city around the region.

April Fools.

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