Monday, August 28, 2017

SOON: Diesel price to P16 per Liter in Davao

Last August 25, 2017, the biofuel plant was opened in Davao city which was in collaboration with several Japanese companies. This plant will have Dabawenyos to benefit a huge drop of diesel price in the history. A thousand of liters of used cooking oil will be processed into a usable biodiesel fuel.

The Japanese representative is very confident that the city could provide the supply of the used cooing oil and had already determined some points on which villages to gather these.

The mayor who led the opening ceremony said that in 3-month time; there will be a testing on some jeepneys to prove the efficiency of the biofuel compared to the commercially sold diesel fuel. After that, this will be sold to the public for P16/liter as compared to the P30/liter diesel price.