Sunday, September 3, 2017

Cabantian Water Is Safe To Drink According to Test | Davao 2017

Just this July, the Cabantian reservoir passed the microbiological test. The document signed by two water resource technicians, certified by a quality control assurance inspector , who are all professional registered medical technologists.

A sample was taken from the Cabantian reservoir and the results show no harmful indication.

DCWD spokesperson assured that water in Cabantian is safe to drink based on the microbiological test they conducted. He also added that the yellowish color of the water in the area is just the aesthetic form of the water.

Since January, there have been already 3 interventions made in the area to improve the water supply. The fourth intervention hopefully be the tapping of Dumoy water supply. 

DCWD is positive in addressing the water inefficiency supply problem in the area after the completion of the piping project at the end of this year.

Residents of the areas in Cabantian are also hopeful in the resolution of this problem as Cabantian is now becoming a developed part of the City where many residential areas are located as well as the next big mall that will be opening soon.